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In 2003 we served with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) for a six month term in Papua. We loved our time there and saw the need for Hugo’s avionics skills. After much prayer and consideration we have decided to return for a career term of 3.5 years. This term will end in 2010 with a furlough starting in February and lasting until August. After that we are looking to renew our commitment for another 4 years until 2014.

As a young child in Holland, Hugo had been involved through the Christian school he was attending, with raising funds for the MAF in Borneo.  This sparked an interest that never died. After high school, Hugo attended the Dutch Aviation College and received his diploma in avionics. Unable to find work in Holland, he came to Canada for a working holiday.  After one week, he met Erica and never went back.

Erica was born into a Christian family in Fergus Ontario. When she was 13, the family moved to Surrey, BC.  Upon graduation from high school, Erica completed a professional office assistant program at a local college.  She then worked in an office for four and a half years doing a variety of things from reception to cash flow management and network administration.  Erica developed a desire to serve the Lord from a young age.

After we were married, Hugo found avionics work at the Vancouver international airport. He was working as bench repair and aircraft technician for over five years and during that time obtained his AME and became the avionics shop supervisor.  This experience prepared him to work here in Papua where he is currently the avionics shop manager and is working to expand the capabilities of the shop here.  The more that is able to be repaired here, the quicker the planes can get back into the air and serving the people.  Hugo is also involved in training nationals and hopes to work himself out of a job one day.

Please prayerfully consider becoming a supporting partner with Hugo and Erica as they serve through the ministry of Mission Aviation Fellowship.

As missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship, we count on the financial and prayerful support of friends like you who share our vision to see God's love demonstrated to a needy and hurting world. While in Indonesia, our needs will be met by a special missionary fund supported by the friends and family of MAF missionaries. This fund will not only enable us to serve in Indonesia, but will also allow MAF to offer a greater number of free and low cost flights to local churches and missions agencies in times of emergency and need.

Through this Ministry Partnership, your financial gifts to the missionary fund will help us continue our mission of service overseas. Your support will also help confirm God's call on our ministry -by enabling us to put the gifts and skills He has invested in Hugo to use as an engineer in Indonesia

Please prayerfully consider how you can help us in our ministry, and know that whatever you can provide is needed and appreciated.

Want to sponsor us online?  click here and go to the MAF donation page or help the current project here.

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Follow our adventures at www.feunekesfamily.blogspot.com


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Aldergrove B.C. Canada:
rainy with sunny periods and can be cold

Sentani, Papua, Indonesia:
sunny with periods of rain, and hot

Not that much different!

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